Do you want to bring your own clothes to Ullakko for sale?

Ullakko buys clothing directly from private people to resell.

When the clothes are brought to the store, we go through them and estimate the potential purchase price, which we then pay in cash with a receipt when the owner changes.

In the future, we will focus our purchases on one day every month.

This eases our work and clarifies the situation for our customers as well. In previous week before the clothing purchase day we will announce which products we look for resale.

We only accept clean and solid men's clothing.

Strong fragrances can also be a reason to recieve clothes,

so washing or giving little air to the clothes before bringing would be advisable. website has collected very good tips for doing the laundry

and the use of detergent:

"Small eco-deed

  • For people with allergies, you should choose a fragrance-free detergent. Fragrances also increase the environmental load.
  • Even if you are not personally sensitive to perfumes, some other people may react to them.
  • Remember the correct dosing and filling of the machine. Too much detergent puts a strain on the environment and an overcrowded washing machine will not be able to rinse properly.
  • Prefer eco-labeled products.
  • Buy refill packs.
  • Do not allow runoff to enter waterways.
  • Prefer seals. Be especially careful when dosing them.
  • Try the so-called. eco-laundry products (eg wash balls, wash nuts, etc.).
  • Choose water-resistant textiles. Dry cleaning uses harmful chemicals.

Rinse aid is not necessary

Rinse aids reduce the electrification of textiles, especially during freezing times. In addition, fabric softeners soften textiles and make ironing easier.
Rinse aid remains on the surface of the fiber and can irritate sensitive skin.

The fabric softener is not suitable for all fibers, such as elastane or technical fibers. Ironing and mangling make the garment soft. "

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