Behind the attic operate Iris and Jenna

In the winter of 2019, we considered our future and we had a common idea of starting our own company one day. We had an idea of a shop, which sells second-hand men's clothing. We wondered why recycling men’s clothing is still very minimal today compared to women's and children's clothing.

Half a year later, the idea was still on our minds and we decided to take the next step with the dream. The situation quickly developed to the point that Ullakko Oulu Oy was founded and the store had doors open!

About the store

With ethics above Ullakko (tran. the attic) brings a different option for buying men's clothing. The business allows you to buy clothes more cheaply and more ecologically.

Ethics and ecology are the most important values of the company's operations. What is a greener way to buy clothes than to buy them second-hand? We try our best that most materials used in Ullakko's actions will be reused and the amount of waste will be minimized.

Ullakko receives and sells clean and intact clothes. It is possible for us to repair small flaws or sell the clothings with small flaws at a lower price. It would be important for us that the products are fragrance-free or at least very lightly scented. More detailed information regarding the purchase of clothing from customers can be found here.

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